What is BDC?Brownsville Dream Center

Birthed in Brownsville, TX in 2017, The Brownsville Dream Center is a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to supporting the God given callings of people so that together we might work as community change agents for the glory of God.

Our MissionThe heart of BDC

Our mission is simple: To encourage, activate, and accelerate the God given call on people’s lives. Through the glory of God, all things are possible. We provide a space and mentorship program to facilitate the big dreams that our members may have through faith.

BDC HistoryRich in Faith

The BDC is a Bible based ministry accelerator with a heart and mind for the local STX community and abroad. Strategically located on the international border between Texas and Mexico, ministries and individuals have teamed with BDC to foster new ministry leaders and concepts.

Business as a Mission


Individual Membership
  •  Shared Community Space
  • Desk in Community Areas
  • 24/7 Access
  • Conference Rooms
  • Phone Booths
Membership Amenities

No contracts, no deposits, no lease agreements. BDC offers simple month-to-month membership plans.

  • No long term lease of obligations
  • Shared or Private Spaces
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Always Accessible


Business Membership
  • Dedicated Personal Desk
  • Private Office Space
  • 24/7 Access
  • Conference Rooms
  • Priority Scheduling


BDC is Waiting for YOU.

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